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FFTG Awards Film Festival
FFTG Awards Film Festival
Nov 25, 2023 - Dec 11, 2023
FFTG Awards Film Festival
FFTG Awards Film Festival
Nov 25, 2023 - Dec 11, 2023
Directed by AFI Award Winner Stefano Da Frè & Produced by Laura Pellegrini, in collaboration with the Russo Brothers National Film Forum grant: “STOLEN DOUGH” is the true story of Anthony Mongiello. A young Italian American who, at the age of 18, invented and patented Stuffed Crust Pizza. This patent was stolen by Pizza Hut, and what follows are the real life events of a 1 Billion dollar lawsuit.
When the Dumont sisters receive the phone call from their mother, telling them to come home, they can never imagine the darkness that awaits. Upon return, the seemingly innocent family reunion takes a sudden, dark turn as their loyalty and love for one another is put to the ultimate test. Each dealing in their own ways, they must inevitably decide what they are willing to sacrifice for kin.
This short film highlights the struggles of my mom trying to teach me about the piano and pass down her passions that were never achieved.
After receiving rejection after rejection from various photography jobs, twenty-two-year-old Arden Heart is at a standstill in her career and life. Heading back to the forest where her mother, Anna, introduced her to the art for the first time, Arden relives precious memories of her younger self and Anna. In what started as a bonding moment between mother-and-daughter, became an integral moment in Arden’s life that she seems to have forgotten. If she is to rediscover herself and find her creativity again, Arden must come to terms with why she’s doing it in the first place: love.
Immigrants are now in almost every major city and are hot topics throughout the world. Instead of being just another set of stories, this documentary focuses on the theme of seeing the flowers beside the swamp. To achieve this, Saeed or “uncle Saeed” is introduced that is someone was so profoundly impacted by a child several years ago that, he dedicated his life around providing hope to children of immigrants in one of the most forgotten areas of the world. Alternatives to food and clothing handouts and solutions to child labour are provided that have already been implemented and are bearing fruit. Context is provided by introducing the children’s families and neighborhoods showing the final impact on the “forgotten children” that are living due to antecedent causes of war, poverty, crime and drugs.
Navid and Forough are a happy couple who, despite the events that caused them to separate, experience an unusual way to stay together. This is a romantic movie in science fiction genre. Also, the script is adapted from an Iranian short story written by Navid Farrokhi.
Men well up with emotions; then they make a fake smile and dig inside their pockets looking for a lighter!
A movie shooting site where young people face ups and downs! An inexperienced director only prompts, which makes the actor tired.
A boy is struggling with love, but how many fears really belong to him and how many are the daughters of the homologating and conformist society?
In a city veiled in shadows and secrets, hardboiled PI Jack finds himself entangled in a diabolical pact that blurs the line between reality and nightmare. Haunted by his past and pursued by an enigmatic Devil, Jack's relentless pursuit of truth takes him through a labyrinth of illusions, dark alleys, and twisted desires, leading him to confront his deepest fears and desires in a deadly game where the stakes are his very soul.
Erin is a middle schooler who constantly compares herself to Maya, her older sister. In Erin’s eyes, Maya has everything; she is the perfect girl, everything that Erin isn't. However, in one night Erin learns that Maya may not be as perfect as she thinks she is. THE LIGHTHOUSE INITIATIVE INC will publish this film on Amazon Prime Video.
[never what it seems] This is the last collection DZHUS has released before the war. The show at Ukrainian Fashion Week took place a few weeks prior to Russia’s invasion, and instead of their traditional showroom in Paris, DZHUS team was already hiding in a bomb-shelter. The “PSEUDO” concept refers to illusion as the fundamental notion of the metamodernism culture. Duality and hidden senses are undividable from DZHUS design itself, offering numerous metamorphoses of clothing and accessories, and clothing into accessories. The visual aesthetics of the looks is ironic and controversial within itself, hence, self-sufficient. In the AW22 line of unified wardrobe items, the designer’s fantasy went further than functional ‘bonuses’: duplicity is materialised literally, and the extra content is physically unveiled, as the pieces are transformed either when delaminated, or once their inside is extracted. The silhouettes are exaggeratedly structured, and the styles divide into two directions: abstract-escapist ‘cocoons’ versus markedly classic pieces, concealing a potential for radical reincarnations. The drop is produced using cruelty-free materials only, according to DZHUS’ values. Looking back, this collection became somewhat of a prophecy, with its focus on dualism, unexpected changes, and complete reimagination of the normal. Music by EYIBRA Ethical footwear provided by House Martin
The story revolves around a city girl Samidha, the last owner who wants to sell her forefather’s property, but the caretaker Laxmi Akka advises her not to sell it. Laxmi Akka tells her if Samidha even attempts to sell the property. This place is isolated in the wilderness has a secret. It is waiting for the curse to come true. For years, everyone who has bought the house and tried to pull it down has died of mysterious circumstances. It is like the house has a will and life of its own.
A young professional finds her new "normal" in the limbo between quarantine and her computer screen.
A flesh-eating demon forces tough choices on two old friends.
A bookstore that makes money in an unusual way A person notices this unusual business and asks the bookseller for a ransom in exchange for not revealing it. The bookseller and his wife decide to get rid of him. It should also be noted that the opening sequence of the film is a long take without a cut
12 Litres 8800 Steps represents a journey into the world of those who have lost loved ones to addiction: an intimate portrait of one woman’s odyssey in coming to terms with the fragility of her own mental health as she witnesses the demise of her partner through addiction. We are invited into the inner sanctum of the Woman and the Horse as they navigate the dualistic worlds of magic realism and the stark realities of addiction and mental health, creating a composite of what a person who loves an addict experiences and chooses to endure.
Having grown up with color blindness and autism, Freddie has developed rock climbing as a lifestyle, healing himself in the state of “flow”. He extends this solace to the disabled community by making climbing a platform for empowerment.
After overcoming a painful miscarriage and a divorce from her philandering lawyer wife, Doctor Lee Lopez fights an uphill battle to stop her inner- city hospital from closing in THE DEDICATED PHYSICIAN, written by the award -winning father and son writing team of Michael and Andrew M Volpe. Neonatal physician Lopez starts her day by saving the life of an injured, single mom and successfully delivering her premature baby. Lopez then swings into battle against a greedy board of directors bent on closing the only hospital available to the poor because it loses money. Lopez’s impassionate plea to the board falls short. But when all seems lost a well -timed protest and an unlikely alliance helps Lopez save the hospital from closure. Years later, Lopez’s life is saved by the very person she helped bring into the world.
The sweeper sweeps and cleans the street covered with autumn leaves.A boy on a bicycle approaches him.Asks؟what are you doing؟The sweeper answers.The boy responds critically.And leaves.The sweeper thinks and...
A woman goes through the process of finding a job that conflicts with her disability. When she thinks she lost the job, her friend unintentionally gives her an idea on how to overcome this issue.
Located in the south-eastern part of Antioquia, in the heart of the Colombian coffee zone, is the Karmata Rúa Indigenous Reservation, where the Emberá Chamí community live. Marcela, Roxana, Gina, Alexa, Jaima and Pamela, indigenous trans-women, live there together. They are called: "WERAPARA" which in Emberá means: “girls, women, gay”. They tell us about their life in the mountains, their daily tasks and their discoveries as trans-women, including the fusion of crafts and the world of fashion.
One woman struggles with the past. Another lives joyfully in the present - thanks to early stage dementia. To avoid being separated from her lover, the elderly Juliette elopes, triggering a showdown between her uptight daughter and well-meaning grandson. Karen is a single mother of a teenage boy, and controlling of his life so far. She is resentful of his father and refuses to take Alex to his dad's wedding. But when they prepare to take Juliette off to the old people's home, Karen's son Alex becomes inspired by his free-spirited grandmother and begins to stand up for himself. Alex is gobsmacked to discover that his grandma's fantasy boyfriend is in fact real - and there is a showdown where Karen reveals she has already warned this man ,who is about her own age, from visiting her mother Juliette who has early stage dementia. To Karen, this is sexual abuse. Alex is moved by the words of his grandma's lover Ronan, realising that this relationship is one based on love and romance. Something his mother has clearly little experience of. Alex helps his grandma elope with Ronan, and also drops a bombshell with his mother that he has been accepted into a university that is miles away from home - and near his father's house. Juliette is returned by the police and she is about to be taken off to the old people's home. But when Alex reveals he will be staying at his father's house whilst attending university miles away from Karen, she let's rip on the plant pots that her mother has been buying in bulk, and finally expresses the emotions that she has been holding in for a lifetime. In a final scene between Karen and Alex, Karen offers to drive her son to his father's wedding. As Juliette appears, another idea occurs to her - a final twist in which Karen not only shows she has lost some of her resentment of the father of her son, she also makes us laugh as we see she still, in her own way, has the upper hand.
Musical short film adaptation of the classic Poe story (from the makers of "The Tell-Tale Heart - a musicabre", winner of over 60 film festival awards). A desperate composer imagines himself both the victim and the Inquisition in Poe’s “The Pit and the Pendulum”. Reality and fantasy converge with frightening consequences.
A Tamil movie fan Sathyamoorthy, a farmer by profession, has been duped into selling his land and investing in a movie by a guy full of hot air, director Senthil. Lacking the expertise in film making, Sathyamoorthy is forced to pledge his house to Anbarasu, a cine financier. Senthil fails miserably in delivering the film. What happens to his family? How does he deal with Anbarasu? How does he bring his movie out? Thiraiyin Marupakkam is a perfect mix of black comedy and harsh reality.
Josephine is a musician who has a rare form of synesthesia where she associates colors with people. Through suffering and song, she navigates this confusing condition to make sense of things. Based on a true story (& adapted from Jillian Vitko's acclaimed solo show Synesthesia the Musical).
Ophelia is a short horror film about the last moments of a paranormal investigation of a house located on the grounds of an abandoned psychiatric hospital. Once inhabited by the doctor that conducted horrific experiments on the hospital's residents, investigators have found evidence that his daughter may still reside there.
It’s July 25, 1969. Apollo 11 landed on the moon just five short days ago. And Iowa musician Miss Christine has warped backwards through more than five decades of history to perform on the iconic stage of the Surf Ballroom, where Buddy Holly played his last show before his tragic death. The music video tells a story about time travel, human identity and the malleable nature of reality.
Rahim, along with his son Shahid goes to meet his dear friend Ram who has lost everything in partition. What happens next is a tragic reminder of the darkness that can exist within humanity.
The film reflects the fragility and resilience of a woman who faced oppression from unjust Confucian traditions in Asia. It aims to reflect upon women's oppression and struggle for freedom. As a child, the director's grandmom was brought to another family to be raised as a future daughter-in-law in a productive role, known as the tradition of T'ung-yang-hsi. It is a tradition of pre-arranged marriage and she was assigned to do all the household chores and was not allowed to receive higher education. The narration is based on interviews with the director’s grandmother’s children. Egg is an important symbol in the film. Symbolically, eggs play a significant role in the film, representing women as they assume their designated roles in a male-dominated society. Through the depiction of the labor and oppression endured by T'ung-yang-hsi participants, the film reaches its climax with the poignant combination of the Hakka 'Old Mountain Song' and tumultuous waves. Behind the rail track, there is the sea. Across the sea, therein lies freedom. From microscopic to macroscopic, from personal witnesses to the general phenomena in society, the audiences may glimpse the long past, imagine women's situation in our own times, and look forward to striving for real gender equality in the future. Egg is life per se. Eggs are fragile, but at the same time tough. My grandmother is an egg.
It's a story of two year old girl who likes a boy and wants to make him her friend. He is not interested but she wouldn't give up till he is friends with her.
Discover the Brilliance in Brevity: The FFTG Awards Film Fest presents an exclusive showcase of remarkable short films, each under 5 minutes, meticulously selected by our jury from worldwide submissions. These masterpieces embody the essence of concise storytelling, demonstrating that great tales don't always need a long runtime. Your vote holds the key to crowning the 2023 FFTG Awards Film Fest Audience Choice Award winner from this extraordinary collection of global cinematic artistry. Be part of this unique film experience and help us honor the ultimate favorite as chosen by you, the audience!
Experience the world through cinema at the FFTG Awards Film Fest, where every frame tells a story. These short films, each under 40 minutes, have been meticulously selected by our esteemed jury from submissions worldwide. They represent the pinnacle of creativity, vision, and storytelling. As you embark on this cinematic journey, your vote has the power to crown one of these extraordinary films as the 2023 FFTG Awards Film Fest Audience Choice Award winner. Your perspective matters in this celebration of international filmmaking excellence!
Presenting the Exquisite Collection: The FFTG Awards Film Fest proudly showcases a selection of captivating short films, each under 15 minutes, handpicked by our esteemed jury from a global pool of submissions. These cinematic gems, each vying for the prestigious title of the 2023 FFTG Awards Film Fest Audience Choice Award, await your verdict. Your vote has the power to crown the winner from this diverse and inspiring array of storytelling excellence. Join us in celebrating the art of short filmmaking and cast your vote to honor the ultimate audience favorite!
Discover our Official Selection of Feature Films, each over 40 minutes, handpicked by the discerning jury of the FFTG Awards Film Fest. From gripping dramas to awe-inspiring documentaries, each film is a testament to the power of cinema, hailing from across the globe, await your verdict. Dive into diverse stories, innovative filmmaking, and captivating narratives. Your vote holds the power to crown the winner. Join us in celebrating the art of cinema and become a part of the journey that defines the future of filmmaking. Cast your vote and shape the destiny of these exceptional films. The stage is set, the films are ready – the decision is yours!"

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